Sunday, July 3, 2011

july 3, heat

A wonderful hot day, a lazy day but nevertheless a creative day full of ideas, thoughts, the well slowly replenishing itself, I wish I had learnt this lesson when I was young. Three little birds sat in the heat and to a large extent they were dependent upon our graceful acceptance and benign neglect. The particular ecosystem that is our property, our home is the nurturing environment that allowed these lives to exist......or not.... our choice, we choose to nurture, to co-habitate.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July start

Time passes so quickly, but so is the ebb and flow of life, one has to go with it, and my work often dictates the rhythms of time, the space between is as important as the thing. An artist constantly empties out and fills in. The Kennedy show in North Bay is over now, a fine show, a delightful experience, and so now onward to the next shows, Agora in New York, The Gibson Art Centre, T.A.G. in Temiskaming Shores .....
So now I observe, read, question, doubt, cringe, paint, throw ideas into space, and question further, and observe constantly, here the robins nest, there the wind , I close my eyes to have images spring into being .....